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Ocala Gainesville Food Truck

Papa Pineapples got the theme and idea for the food truck based off of the fact that Scott was stationed in Hawaii for the U.S. Army. Scott spent 5 years living on the island of Oahu and loved the culture that he was surrounded with. Hawaii is a melting pot of many different cultures and boasts some to the best cuisine. Needless to say, pineapple is a huge part of the island with Dole plantation being there as well. You can even get a side of pineapple at McDonalds in Waikiki!

Scott met his wife Natalie stateside when they were both in the Army Reserve unit in Ocala. They deployed to Iraq together and the rest is history. They decided to take a leap of faith and start the business at the end of 2014 using the name Papa Pineapples to bring it to life. The name came from Scott’s friend Ryan as they were joking in the break room at work. The truck has come a long way.

Three years and a baby later, Papa Pineapples has added a second food trailer as well. Now there is the original food truck (Papa Alpha) and the food trailer (Papa Bravo). It has been a whirlwind ride with a lot of challenges but each one has forced us to grow. Today, you can find Papa Pineapples with different food items and all over Central Florida. Although we have been going along for three years, we feel like we are just getting started. We are continuing to improve and work to bring exciting new and delicious food options all the time.